Priority Booking “Andy Lau Hong Kong 2018 Concert” ticket – Ticket Allocation has been completed

Dear Family Members,

Thank you for your fully support to Andy’s concert. The computer system has completed the ticket allocation procedure.

Members who have already pre-ordered the concert ticket can now click the following link and login to your account, enter the ticket allocation page, and view the tickets you have obtained.

After viewing the distribution results, family members can pay at the same website page. Payment date is from August 1, 2018 at 12:00noon (Hong Kong time) to August 10, 2018 at 12:00noon (Hong Kong time). Family members are required to pay on time. Late payment or failure to hand-in the original payment receipt by the deadline will not be accepted, and the entire order will be cancelled. Due to the odd-numbered seating of every row of the venue, the seat arrangement may be separate seats in consecutive row.

Payment Method for members who have successfully booked the tickets:

  1. Bank payment to AWC Hong Kong bank account
    • One payment receipt for each order
    • By transfer payment at ATM, no extra fee will be charged
    • Members need to add HKD30.00 (per transaction) to the total fare for payment made by Hang Seng Bank Counter Service as handling fee.
  2. Online Payment (Visa, Master, Alipay*, WeChat Pay*)
  3. By online payment, in addition to the total fare, members must also pay the service fee charged by the service provider (4.5% of the total fare).
  1. Alipay and Wechat Pay are only available for the account in Mainland China, but not applicable to Hong Kong and overseas account.
  2. If you process the payment with Wechat Pay, please use desktop computer or notebook computer and select ‘Scan QR Code’ function in Wechat in order to complete the payment.

Ticket Allocation Results:

Members who have successfully booked and paid for concert tickets shall collect your tickets in person at AWC Hong Kong Headquarter during the assigned date and time. NO authorization to others for pick up will be allowed. Overseas members are allowed to pick up their tickets at the concert venue on the same day of event during the assigned time. Members who are under 12 are also required to collect their tickets in person and be accompanied by an adult including but not limited to their parents or guardians. For further information about ticket collection, please pay attention to our future announcement.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!
Andy World Club